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The Catalyst Companies breathes fresh air into live events with dynamic, inspiring, and impactful experiences. We leave audiences stunned as we accelerate the currency of your brand.  We create the space where sound, video, and lights intersect and people are inspired to take action.

what we do

Event Production: Our state of the art productions keep our clients coming back for the best events and best pricing in the industry.  We've been perfecting our systems for over 15 years now with our experience in the live event space. Our goal is to not only provide the best value in our marketplace but also deliver a truly outstanding product.  We look at every production as an opportunity to deepen our relationship with our clients and form a lasting synergetic partnership.
Venue Sourcing: Finding a great home for your next event can be overwhelming. With our extensive contacts in the industry, we make sure you source and contract the perfect venue that’s the best space at the most competitive price.
Event Staffing: We’ve got you covered on all essential points. From stage management, to coordinators, and brand ambassadors, all the way down to registration, security & technology. We provide you with everyone you need to put on a successful show.  Just ask!
Event & Live Stream Marketing: Our expert marketing team will partner with you to identify key strategies to deliver your content to a larger qualified audience.
Event Planning: Need help planning your next event?  Work with us. Leverage our fifteen years of experience and perfect your design for optimum success. We ensure your content and sales outcomes are delivered in the most impactful way possible.
Creative Content: Have a tangle of content in your head? Need some help getting it out? We’ll put together your show flows, add music & videos, design your sets & banners and create powerful graphics to achieve the impact you want.
Live Streaming: We live in the digital age. Remove the physical limits from your event and open up the nearly unlimited resources of a global audience. Getting your message beyond the physical site with rooms and walls is vital to staying competitive in any modern market. We’ll take care of everything from the on-site streaming to your custom, branded portal.
Trade Booths: Looking to stand out in the exhibit hall? Blow your competitors out of the water while making a huge impression with our fully interactive trade show booths. We’ll design a custom booth for you with state of the art A/V integration and multi-media branding.

Here’s an inside view at a 4-day event we produced for Tom Ferry, the nation’s #1 Educator in Real Estate. 6,000 attendees witnessed the live event while another 35,000 participated in the live stream. This high-energy event inspired the most powerful and influential real estate agents in the game to learn more, grow more, produce more, and realize more.  We are very proud of our continuing 6+ year relationship with Tom Ferry, the real estate industry leader.

The Catalyst Companies produced a 3-day inspirational event for Prüvit to get their clients and employees supercharged about their company and products. We created the video assets and provided complete live production and post production. It’s been our pleasure to work with the CEO of Prüvit for more than 10 years.

Sysomos is a leading social media analytics company headquartered in Toronto, ON.  They hired Catalyst to produce their town hall and live stream as a presentation to 12 corporate offices around the world. They wanted a cool, hip, and trendy debut for a new product being rolled out for their top tier clients. And that’s exactly what we delivered. We found an exclusive space in SF where a Facebook meeting had been hosted only days before. We delivered on every wish.

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THE NITTY GRITTY: Three factors determine cost: (1) number of attendees, (2) scale of the live production, and (3) post production strategy. We work with you to fit your budget. Our costs are based on your needs and our services. You make the choices. We help you design your own “live” program and help you fit the post production to your goals and budget.

TALL < $25k

With an intimate event, we have a number of ways to give the most modest spaces oomph and panache.  Whether you’re looking for a one day or multi-day event, Catalyst will blow your mind not your budget with the possibilities. Our clients are always surprised with the level of production value we deliver here.
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GRANDE < $75k

When a larger event is in order Catalyst is here to help you every step of the way. We will design an environment that is infused with emotion, power, and motivation. Your audience wants that excitement, that passion, and buzz. The Catalyst Companies will not only deliver but astonish.
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Venti > $75K

Supersize the Grande. The Catalyst Companies has the capacity you’ve been looking for. We will create a production alive with your message that delivers and reinforces the powerful experience you are seeking. Our extensive background in procuring and managing large scale productions gives us the ability to showcase your company in the grandest of scale.
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