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In our view, what we do is simple. The Catalyst Companies brings your story to life. We will craft the perfect video that represents your brand and tells your story in a unique, memorable, and engaging way.

Our team of editors, designers, and animators transform brilliant concepts into functional realities. We give your video the look and feel you need to be at the leading edge of your industry.

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Animation: Let us bring your concepts to life! Our animators will blow you away with the cutting edge 3D animation that gives your message layers of impact you have only imagined.
Live & Studio Video Capturing: Whether your event needs video-capture for a high-quality product; an inspiring highlight video; or a captivating promo; we’ve got your back. Do you prefer to film in studio or on location? Not a problem! We are at home in any location. We deliver the outcomes important to how you want to communicate your message.
Testimonials: Nothing is more effective than when your clients tell your story. We can capture social proof for you at a live event, or bring your raving fans into the studio to put together an engaging, thought-provoking, and fun testimonial reel that will energize your next marketing campaign.
Product Videos: The Catalyst Companies will make your event, product, or process irresistible. Our specialty is producing videos that leave customers wanting more because we engage them with great storytelling and captivating visual content.
Writing, Scripting & Storyboarding: You can have the most captivating footage. It takes great writing to make pretty pictures something more. Our team of experienced writers will create a storyboard and an engaging script that will make your story hypnotic.
Educational Videos: Training videos don’t have to be boring. We make the educational process engaging and fun while delivering on the learning outcomes for your audiences.
Documentaries: Behind every great idea is an even better story that should be told. The key that unlocks the stories is a lens through which the audience can see clearly. We are masters in this craft. Our Catalyst creative team will take a deep dive into your product and your company. The story will be captured. The message will be clear.  Ask us for the evidence! We can send examples of our work. You can judge for yourself! See how we have brought to life the story for our top clients.
Custom Media Platforms: We live in a world of instant connection and immediate gratification. Netflix is the model for meeting these consumer wants. 86 million global Netflix users testify to company success.  Your clients are accustomed to making purchases with the push of a button.  We will create your custom media platform that will deliver the media your clients want on their schedule. Watch, re-watch, and purchase. All with taps and clicks.
USB Content Delivery: DVD technology is fading as the medium that delivers your content. Our clients want to know how they can securely deliver content without the economic risk of “sharing.” Catalyst has developed a proprietary mechanism delivering password secured USB drives that function like the familiar DVD medium.  Ask us how this technology can work for your company.

People who attend events want intimacy and familiarity with the inspirational leader. We proposed and put together this behind-the-scenes look at Tom Ferry’s life and what he does to prepare for an event. This is one of a collection of independent pieces we produced that have attracted more than 250,000 views on social channels.

We created a promo video that captured the emotion and transformation of what their attendees will experience. This promo product kick started Prüvit’s marketing campaign. Result? They sold out their next event!

Our animators brought the text alive in this show opening video. Powerful and motivating emotions were captured about Vistage and its mission from the popular events staged in New Orleans.

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THE NITTY GRITTY:Three factors determine cost: (1) length of video, (2) scale of the animation or graphics, and (3) video shooting. We work with you to fit your budget. Our costs are based on your needs and our services. You make the choices. We help you design a custom video designed to fit your goals and budget.

TALL < $5k

Need a promotional video for your next event, business or product? Catalyst will bring your vision to life and drive your people to action. We can show you how!
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GRANDE < $20k

When a cinematic look with breathtaking shots and stunning graphics is what your next piece needs look no further than Catalyst.  We tell your story in a way that engages your audience through the multiple dimensions of custom music, graphics, and footage
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VENTI > $20k

Supersize the Grande. Turn to The Catalyst Companies when you need help with everything from casting to locations and makeup to wardrobe.  Our team of seasoned professionals will make sure that your next large scale production flows smoothly from start to finish. Have questions? Then let’s get moving!
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